Tips on How to Add Animations to Videos

You can incorporate many effects in your video project to illicit some style and elegance. Enlivening the characters and scenes is the most crucial aspect of the video. You can create a vibrant and fun scene by adding smoke, transitions, explosions, letters and animal animations into your video.

Animations can be added into your video quite easily using both after effects and premiere pro or any other editing program that enables you to make and keyframe masks. Once you have acquired or created your animated elements, you will need to place them into the video scene. Here is a look at tips on how to add animations to videos.

Proper Masking 

If a person or an object in your video is occupying the same frame spot as part of your animation, you will need to fix it by creating a mask around the object or animation to fix it. Adjust the mask properly so that the animation does not affect the object and for it to look more naturally incorporated into the footage scene. 


Your animation must move along with the object in the video. Here is where keyframing becomes important. Keyframing the position, scale, opacity or position of the animation is the best way to have the animation added successfully. Using After effects or Adobe Premiere, go to the spot in the timeline where the animation starts, open effect controls and create a new keyframe by clicking the stopwatch. Then go to the preferred timeline spot to animate and device a new keyframe. You can get the animation movements how you want them to be by adjusting the keyframe values. 

Motion Tracking 

Motion tracking is another way of enhancing the animation’s placement. This involves tracking the footage with the point tracker in after effects. You can also add 3D effects where applicable – read article on 3 types of animation


Using animations in videos is an exciting and straightforward way to add a lot of energy and fun. You can use them by adding in small instances or even making the entire visual-effects aesthetic. They will help your videos to reflect your style and make them more exciting. 

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